Mobility Emporium

When asked what Jenny and JLM do, the answer could be 'all sorts' and hence the term 'emporium'.  Here you will find just a small flavour of the  services offered in the JLM mobility emporium, but like in a shop, if you don't see what you would like on the shelf, then please just ask.

MaaS Facilitator

How transport services are being delivered and how users engage is changing and, as disruptive technologies and a shared economy develop, Smart Mobility grows. Alongside is the emergence of Mobility as a Service in the UK and in Scotland. For those unsure of the term MaaS, The New Zealand Transport Agency has a very useful description. One of the key challenges to MaaS is the role of stakeholders and it is important to have a person to facilitate and manage the roles of those including users, communities and transport operators.  This role is different to a project manager who has responsibility elsewhere with timelines, budgets etc. The MaaS facilitator brings together the relevant stakeholders and helps create the joint vision and develop and support all the inter-twined relationships.

Travel Plans and Local Transport Plans (LTP)

Travel plans are a potential tool to assist with influencing travel behaviour, and organisations (no matter how large or small) are looking at how to move goods and people. This is an area often over looked but there are efficiency savings to be made and strategic business improvements to be had. Work Place Travel Plans, Transport Statements and Travel Plans can be a necessity for planning applications but with some research, analysis and ‘out of the box’ thinking, the Plans come alive and should be part of every organisation.

Local Transport Plans (LTPs) are often 'refreshed' and a different approach can often help.  The process of engagement, scenarios or developing personas are vital to ensure that all stakeholders, not just those in policy, can relate to the LTP work. This is critical.


Rural Development

The mobility of goods, services and people is crucial for the survival of the rural economy. Door-to-Door journeys are harder as choice is reduced with multi modal / integrated transport only a dream for many. Better connections, travel demand, journey planning and accessibility are key to safeguarding employment, education and accessibility. Jenny's experience as a former LEADER (Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale) Board member, in addition to working with community business organisations and living and breathing all things rural, brings a depth of knowledge and experience to matters, second to none.  If there is a rural angle to your work, Jenny and the team can help.

ITS - Smart Mobility and MaaS

JLM are able to assist with many aspects of ITS be that in a rural or urban context from concept design, product development, stakeholder engagement or indeed at a more strategic level.  Intelligent Transport centres on 'keeping it simple' whilst embracing new technologies. It's not as easy as it sounds!

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